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Human Resource Management As A Department In An Organisation Handles All Aspects of Employees.

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Flexible Attendance

One of the essential roles in HR operations is managing employee attendance.Attendance management is a set of activities and personnel processes required for timekeeping, discipline, productivity, and legal compliance.

Flexible Salary

flexible payment technology is still relatively new, the platforms that support it have automated the process to make it more efficient, allowing you to focus on other tasks. flexible pay provider can result in significant time and cost savings for a small business owner.

Multi User Permission

The HR Service Delivery Scoped app prevents users outside of the HR organization from accessing HR data.Scoped roles for both HR case workers and HR clients (employees, contractors, alumni, and others) grant access to HR services

Loan Facility

This module of The Easy HR enables the user to create and manage employee loan and advance policies. Employees can request loans which are then reviewed, approved, and converted to loan agreement which include terms of payment, interest rate, and the life of the loan.

Claim Expenditure

Approver for the Expense Claim is selected by an Employee himself.Employee can choose from the list of users who are configured as Expense Approvers for their Department. All outstanding expense claims will be pulled in and payments amounts can be allocated to each expense

Easy To Search Detail

Human Resource Management was originally known as personnel or people management. In the past, its role was quite limited. Within any company or organization, HRM is a formal way of managing people. Easy To Search Any Detail.

It’s SharePoint Software

Lanteria HR is a SharePoint HR management system that perfectly fits into, and leverages your on-premise / cloud Microsoft environment.

Integration with Office 365 and Active Directory

Single sign-on, and data integration with Office 365 and/or Active Directory users.

Customizable and configurable software

Client-specific customizations using SharePoint features and workflows to meet yo ur unique requirements.

Integration with Power BI

Business intelligence and analytics for your executives, managers, and HR with Microsoft Power BI and Lanteria HR data.

Reliable and easy to support

Available as an on-premise or hosted (SaaS) s olution, integrated with SharePoint and MS Azure.

Secure role-based access

Multi-level security and permissions based on Active Directory / SharePoint users and organizational structure.

Common Features of HR

User Profile
A user profile is a collection of settings and information associated with a user.
Daily Work
Easy Share Your Daily Work Report Using Any Social Media Option. And Easy To Use.
Write Your All HR Policy according to your Company Rules And Condition.
Easy To Send Your Notice For All Employee.All Types of Send Notice With Share Image.

The Easy HR

HRM can be broken down into subsections, typically by pre-employment and employment phases, with an HR manager assigned to each. A company is only as good as its employees, making HRM a crucial part of maintaining or improving the health of the business. Human resources management works through dedicated HR professionals, who are responsible for the day-to-day execution of HR-related functions.
Many great scholars had defined human resource management in different ways and with different words, but the core meaning of the human resource management deals with how to manage people or employees in the organisation. HR management is meant for proper utilisation of available skilled workforce.
The role of HRM practices are to manage the people within a workplace to achieve the organization's mission and reinforce the culture. When done effectively, HR managers can help recruit new professionals who have skills necessary to further the company's goals.

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